May Lindstrom Jasmine GardenA couple of months ago, I asked my Instagram friends to recommend me a mist, and May Lindstrom’s The Jasmine Garden topped the list. I wasn’t sure about the jasmine-cocoa scent, so I went to Lab Organics, the only brick and mortar store in Melbourne that stocks the line, to test it. Jo, the owner of the store, told me that she found the scent too strong for facial use, but I loved it. I bought it just for the scent.

I’ve been using this for a month and I’ve almost finished my bottle. Here are my impressions so far: View Post


With Rossana Sotos, founder of I Am Natural Store

A few months ago, Rossana Sotos, the force behind I Am Natural Store (AKA one of my favourite Aussie online green beauty stores) mentioned to me about her upcoming green beauty masterclass in Sydney, but I didn’t think I’d be able to make it to the event. I live in Melbourne, and the last time I was in Sydney was about 9 years ago! I told her I’d consider it, but forgot all about it until a few weeks ago when Rossana sent me another private message on Facebook with an invite. Although I’d never met her in person, Rossana’s loveliness is infectious, and without thinking too much about the logistics, I just said yes! And I’m glad I did. The masterclass was an amazing opportunity to catch up with and learn from some of the most passionate people working in the Australian green beauty industry.  View Post

May Lindstrom Clean DirtI grew up in Kerala, India, where most skincare rituals are homemade. Most women (and men) massage their face with coconut oil before a bath and rinse it off with a paste of chickpea flour and water (the double cleansing trend started centuries ago!). The oil melts impurities, while the chickpea flour ubtan (the Ayurvedic term for cleanser/mask that you make by mixing a dry ingredient with water to form a paste) offers gentle exfoliation without upsetting the skin’s acid mantle. As a teen with bad skin, I was often asked to follow this double cleansing regime, but I wanted the latest foaming cleanser that left my skin squeaky clean and made it smell like a fruit or flower that didn’t exist in nature.

I am reminded of these ubtans when I use May Lindstrom’s Clean Dirt. Unlike the humble chickpea ubtan, this powder cleanser smells like vanilla and spices and turns into an airy mousse when you mix it with water. It’s an ubtan executed in the most luxe way imaginable. View Post