14e Foundation14e Cosmetics was founded by American makeup artist Emma Fortini (14e for Fortini, get the connection?). The 14e website states that she works with an ‘Ayurvedic Molecular Biologist’ to create this natural line of colour cosmetics. I am Indian, and I had no idea Ayurvedic molecular biology was a thing, but it does sound amazing!

Water-free Korean products are all the rage at the moment, and this product follows that trend by being water-free and using aloe vera as the base. Apart from aloe, the formula contains acne and wrinkle fighting ingredients like gotu kola and licorice root extract.

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I have been getting requests to review natural makeup options. I don’t know how qualified I am to do this because I hardly wear any makeup. Being a guy, I want my foundations to look very natural. This is extra hard for me because I have a medium-dark Indian skin that’s hard to colour match. Most mainstream brands have about 10 shades for lighter skin tones, and about two for darker skin, which makes it extremely difficult to find the exact shade if you are not white!

I first heard about Haut Cosmetics when I saw them on the Australian website Be Naturally You. Samantha Sargent, who runs the store, is extremely selective about the brands she carries, and she told me she only stocks this relatively-unknown Canadian makeup brand because most other natural brands contain mica, an ingredient she tries to avoid. View Post