I felt like I could get away without a toner when I was using creams and lotions, however, now that I’ve been staying away from creams and relying entirely on oils, serums and balms to mositurise my skin, I absolutely need one. Creams/lotions are emulsions of oil and water, so, unlike oils, they absorb into the skin readily. Oil-based products need a water-based carrier (a.k.a toner/mist/essence) to create a micro-emulsion to deliver these oils deeper into the skin.

Ideally, I like my toners to be more viscous than water and have some softening/exfoliating/brightening benefits. Also, while I like a spray system that delivers product evenly, I am not a fan of ultra-fine mists. These ultra-fine mists work well as makeup or purse sprays, but I find that they don’t work well before a serum. I like my toners to drench my skin with watery goodness so my balm/oil just glides on the skin without any resistance. View Post

I have a long history of not testing the samples that come with my skincare orders. Usually, I put them away in boxes and forget all about them. Recently, when I received a whole bunch of samples from very generous online retailers (I Am Natural Store and Be Naturally You, extra-special shout outs to you!), I decided to make an effort to try them straightaway. Here are my mini reviews based on my first impressions:


Shampoo: Brilliant shampoo, deserves all the praise it gets. It lathers a lot better than most natural shampoos. Has a unique (but pleasant) smell, which may take some getting used to.

Conditioner: I’ll definitely be buying a full bottle of this. It’s luscious, creamy, and coats hair very well for a natural conditioner. Leaves hair soft and healthy, without weighing it down. Love at first use! View Post