I love trying out new cleansers. I know cleansers are products that you don’t leave on your skin for too long and that most of it ends up down the drain, but a good cleanser can really make all the difference. Our skin is protected by a slightly acidic film called the acid mantle, and this acts as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other toxins. Harsh cleansers can change the pH of your skin and upset this gentle balance. A lot of people who experience breakouts mistakenly think (I used to be one of them) that they need a harsh cleanser to prevent breakouts, when it’s often the opposite. Stripping all the natural oils disrupts the acid mantle, making the skin more susceptible to breakouts and other infections.

If you are thinking of getting a good water-based cleanser, make sure it’s free of sulfates and it doesn’t foam (there are some exceptions to this rule, but if you are not sure, go with a non-foaming cleanser). When I first saw The Little Alchemist Wild Apple & Mint Purifying Gel Cleanser, I was apprehensive it might be a little too harsh for my combination skin, but it’s very gentle and perfect for any skin type. View Post


I’ve been trying to simplify my skincare routine. After being sucked into the world of natural Korean skincare (thanks Glow Recipe!) and noticing how my skincare regimen was spiraling out of control, I’ve been trying to cut down on the number of products I use. It is lovely to have a satisfying regimen that includes 10-12 steps and a number of products with varying levels of viscosity, but did I really need it? Maybe not! So I’ve been on the search for some multi-tasking natural products. And that’s when I discovered Kypris.

Kypris is an American brand founded by the lovely Chase Polan. I’ve been watching her on YouTube and she’s a great advocate for her brand. Her ingredients seem exceptionally high quality and I like that she has got potent naturally-derived ingredients like Vitamin C ester, Retinol and Coenzyme Q10 in her products (in addition to organic oils and extracts). View Post