I love Korean beauty for its innovative approach to skincare, but until Cult Beauty started curating ‘clean’ skincare, there was no way of getting natural products outside of Korea. Blithe is one of Glow Recipe’s bestselling brands, their products contain high concentrations of natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. Two big ticks. I’ve been meaning to try their Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum for almost a year, and I finally got hold of a tub recently.I’ve been using it regularly for the last one week, and here are my first impressions:

What is it?

It’s a pressed serum, which means it’s a serum and moisturiser combined. It contains 60% chaga mushroom, which according to the package, imparts ‘ultimate nutrition and firmness.’ Like many Korean products, it contains bio-available fermented ingredients like fermented argan and olive oils. View Post


Some products have a cult status for a reason, and Tata’s Regenerating Cleanser is one of them. It’s one of the most commonly instagrammed green beauty products, it’s not surprising why it’s so popular. In addition to the luxe packaging and great ingredients, this cleanser really works. All of Tata’s cleansers are great, but this one has that extra oomph, probably because of all its gentle exfoliating ingredients. Rumour has it that Tata herself uses this cleanser daily; and if you are new to Tata Harper and want to splurge on one product, I’d definitely recommend this one. View Post


Josh Rosebrook and I got off on the wrong foot. His cleanser was one of the first things I reviewed on this blog, and he was very upset by my negative review. I had no idea that ‘the’ Josh Rosebrook would read my review when I wrote it, and it was a good learning experience as it taught me to consider the people working tirelessly behind these brands while reviewing their products.

Although his cleanser didn’t work for me, I was curious to try some of his other products. The products I most wanted to try were his mask and exfoliator, but they were both sold out on I Am Natural Store and Be Naturally You, the only two stockists for this brand in Australia (as far as I know). However, his styling cream was in stock on Be Naturally You, and I ordered a tub recently. View Post

Recently, when I was talking skincare with Rossana Sotos, the  founder of I Am Natural Store, she asked me if I’d tried Bottega Organica. I’d looked at their offerings multiple times, but I’d never tried at any of their products. I was in need of a new mist, and Bottega Organica has an exhaustive range of mists for every possible skin type. I asked Rossana for a recommendation, and she told me she loved their Ageless Face Mist. When the owner of one of the most cutting-edge natural luxury skincare retailers in the country with an endless supply of products tells you she loves a product, you pay attention. Without any hesitation, I bought a bottle.



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Living Libations is one of those rare brands that have unanimously positive reviews online. Normally, you always see one or two people complaining about cystic acne from using cleansing oils, but their Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever Cleansing Oil has probably the most number of positive reviews I’ve seen for ANY skincare product. These reviews are not just positive but poetic: people often use words like ‘magic’ and ‘alchemy’ to describe their experience with the brand.

Living Libations is a Canadian brand  created by Nadine Artemis, and if you are interested, do check out her YouTube channel, where she demonstrates some of her products with husband Ron. Living Libations products range from cleansers to dental care, hair care, perfumes, salt inhalers and personal lubricants. They are all very intriguing formulations, and if I had unlimited funds, I’d try every one of them. Since I’m always on a strict budget, I had to narrow my options down to three. Here are my reviews: View Post