Omorovicza 2This is my first time reviewing skincare designed especially for men. The product I’m reviewing is a shave cream for men from the luxe Hungarian spa brand Omorovicza. I’ve been following Omorovicza for the last couple of years, but this is the first time I’ve actually bought one of their products. Their cult Thermal Cleansing Balm has been on my wish list for a long time, but I just can’t justify spending so much on a cleanser when there are so many others that do the job (albeit, possibly, in a less luxurious way) for a fraction of the price. I think I may be sold if I actually try it on in store and experience its opulence firsthand, but I haven’t got around to trying it at Mecca Cosmetica as yet. The Soothing Shave, fortunately, is MUCH cheaper than most Omorovicza products — in fact, at around $35 AUD it may even be their most affordable product. View Post

I have a long history of not testing the samples that come with my skincare orders. Usually, I put them away in boxes and forget all about them. Recently, when I received a whole bunch of samples from very generous online retailers (I Am Natural Store and Be Naturally You, extra-special shout outs to you!), I decided to make an effort to try them straightaway. Here are my mini reviews based on my first impressions:


Shampoo: Brilliant shampoo, deserves all the praise it gets. It lathers a lot better than most natural shampoos. Has a unique (but pleasant) smell, which may take some getting used to.

Conditioner: I’ll definitely be buying a full bottle of this. It’s luscious, creamy, and coats hair very well for a natural conditioner. Leaves hair soft and healthy, without weighing it down. Love at first use! View Post

I have been getting requests to review natural makeup options. I don’t know how qualified I am to do this because I hardly wear any makeup. Being a guy, I want my foundations to look very natural. This is extra hard for me because I have a medium-dark Indian skin that’s hard to colour match. Most mainstream brands have about 10 shades for lighter skin tones, and about two for darker skin, which makes it extremely difficult to find the exact shade if you are not white!

I first heard about Haut Cosmetics when I saw them on the Australian website Be Naturally You. Samantha Sargent, who runs the store, is extremely selective about the brands she carries, and she told me she only stocks this relatively-unknown Canadian makeup brand because most other natural brands contain mica, an ingredient she tries to avoid. View Post


I love Korean beauty for its innovative approach to skincare, but until Cult Beauty started curating ‘clean’ skincare, there was no way of getting natural products outside of Korea. Blithe is one of Glow Recipe’s bestselling brands, their products contain high concentrations of natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. Two big ticks. I’ve been meaning to try their Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum for almost a year, and I finally got hold of a tub recently.I’ve been using it regularly for the last one week, and here are my first impressions:

What is it?

It’s a pressed serum, which means it’s a serum and moisturiser combined. It contains 60% chaga mushroom, which according to the package, imparts ‘ultimate nutrition and firmness.’ Like many Korean products, it contains bio-available fermented ingredients like fermented argan and olive oils. View Post


Some products have a cult status for a reason, and Tata’s Regenerating Cleanser is one of them. It’s one of the most commonly instagrammed green beauty products, it’s not surprising why it’s so popular. In addition to the luxe packaging and great ingredients, this cleanser really works. All of Tata’s cleansers are great, but this one has that extra oomph, probably because of all its gentle exfoliating ingredients. Rumour has it that Tata herself uses this cleanser daily; and if you are new to Tata Harper and want to splurge on one product, I’d definitely recommend this one. View Post