I discovered Lilfox in a Beauty Heroes box exactly a year ago. I’d loved Jungle Glow, the hero product, and called the box the best Beauty Heroes box I’d tried up until that point.

A couple of months ago, Madame Fox (aka founder Alexis Rose) got in touch with me and sent me a few more Lilfox products to try. After trying them on and off for the last two months, I’m glad to report that I love the overall feel and philosophy of the brand. Jungle Glow is still my number one product from the brand, but the Amazon After Dark Melty Jungle Cleansing Balm, their newest product, comes a close second. View Post

Beauty Heroes March Discovery featuring Siam Seas:

I’d heard great things about Siam Seas from other bloggers, so I was very excited to try this month’s Beauty Heroes discovery featuring this Southeast Asian-inspired line of skincare. The box features a full size bottle of their Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner and a trial size of their Morning Delight All In One Morning Cleanser.

Let’s start with the hero: the Yen Toner (RRP $90 USD). Although called a toner, the texture of this product feels like a cross between a toner and a serum. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call it an essence. The ingredient list boasts twenty-seven botanical actives, including plant-derived beta glucan and hyaluronic acid. This toner contains cucumber hydrosol and oil; and the overall scent reminds me of a spicy floral cucumber cocktail. I don’t love the scent, but I appreciate that it has a uniquely Southeast Asian flavour that’s so different from anything else on the market. View Post

Beauty Heroes consistently impress me with their carefully-curated beauty boxes, and this month’s discovery was no exception. The February Beauty Discovery contains two full-sized products from Fitglow, valued at a whopping $153 (you only pay $39). I’d heard great things about Fitglow from other bloggers, but I’d never tried anything from the brand. I’m so glad I got introduced to this brand because I have absolutely fallen in love with one of their selections, and I can’t wait to try more products from the brand. Both products featured in this month’s box are part of Fitglow’s ‘Calm’ range, designed, as the name indicates, to calm the skin and soothe redness. Without further delay, let’s explore the products.  View Post

Until recently, good-quality emulsifying oil and balm cleansers were hard to find in green/clean beauty. This, however, has changed considerably in the last few months. There are so many options in the market right now that I’m sure you’ll find something that’s just perfect for your needs. Personally, I prefer emulsifying oil and balm cleansers over non-emulsifying ones as they are much easier to use. Emulsifying cleansers dissolve in water, which means that you don’t need to use a washcloth to take them off. I do like the ritual of using a cleansing cloth if I’m in the mood; but for everyday cleansing, I just like the ease of using something that dissolves dirt, oil, SPF and makeup in one easy step. The cleansers I’ll review below emulsify at varying degrees, but none of them have broken me out or irritated my skin. Without further ado, let’s get right into it! View Post

Being Indian, I’m always intrigued when I see a new Ayurvedic green beauty brand on the market. India has always had a huge natural skincare market, and while some of them contain traditional Ayurvedic ingredients, most of them have dubious ingredient lists. Their ingredient lists for most Indian Ayurvedic  skin products contain a plethora of unusual herbs followed by vague statements like ‘in a cream base’ or ‘gel base.’ Often, these cream and gel bases are made of cheap petroleum derivatives that, in my opinion, undo the benefits of their Ayurvedic ingredients. Also, for supposedly natural products, they tend to smell synthetic like something you’d buy from The Body Shop or Lush (which makes you wonder how natural they actually are). In addition to these, the textures are often not fun or pleasant to use (thick creams, heavy oils… the list goes on). In most cases, they are just herbal extracts suspended in a generic ‘cream’ base with some added synthetic fragrance to appeal to a mass audience.

Living in Australia, I’ve come across many Western Ayurveda-inspired skincare lines, but to me they always felt a little too removed from the actual thing. It reminds me of ‘Indian’ curries that my friend Matt makes. He would use authentic ingredients like turmeric and garam masala, and then add something totally un-Indian (is that a word?) like zucchini or broccoli (totally unheard of in India) that would change the flavour profile of the entire dish. Also, Indians are big on tempering the spices and following certain traditional techniques when it comes to cooking spices (to make them easily digestible), and not following the correct method can often can have a detrimental effect on your body’s ability to digest it properly.

The reason I’ve gone on this long winded intro is to illustrate the fact that it’s always been hard to find ‘clean’ Ayurvedic skin brands made using traditional techniques. The only Ayurvedic brands I’ve kind of liked have been Pratima and Forest Essentials. While they did feel authentic, I wasn’t really blown away by the textures of their products (there were exceptions, but overall, they just weren’t on the same level as other modern green beauty brands). Luckily, I stumbled upon three Ayurvedic brands a few months ago that were clean, authentic and luxurious, and I’ll do a brief overview of those brands in this post.

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