Lilfox Miami: Amazon After Dark Cleanser, Mystic Awakening Mist, Chlorophyll + Tourmaline Toner, Prickly Pear Nectar & Forest Floor Body Nectar Reviews

I discovered Lilfox in a Beauty Heroes box exactly a year ago. I’d loved Jungle Glow, the hero product, and called the box the best Beauty Heroes box I’d tried up until that point.

A couple of months ago, Madame Fox (aka founder Alexis Rose) got in touch with me and sent me a few more Lilfox products to try. After trying them on and off for the last two months, I’m glad to report that I love the overall feel and philosophy of the brand. Jungle Glow is still my number one product from the brand, but the Amazon After Dark Melty Jungle Cleansing Balm, their newest product, comes a close second.

As the name indicates, Amazon After Dark is an emulsifying cleansing balm that rinses off clean. Like most Lilfox products, it smells exotic, seductive and forest-like. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact scent but it reminds me of a tropical jungle paradise. Its notes include rose geranium, rosemary, bergamot and ylang ylang.

The great thing about the texture of this balm is that it is very easy to spread on the skin. It doesn’t tug like a number of other emulsifying cleansing balms I’ve tried, and it removes the most stubborn makeup, sunscreen and dirt in one easy step. I prefer using it on dry skin and inhaling its intoxicating scent as I massage it in, but it can be used on damp skin also.

While it does rinse clean without a cloth, it leaves a veil of moisture behind (as I’d mentioned in my Emulsifying Cleanser Edit). I don’t mind this at all, but if you prefer a more squeaky-clean finish, you might want to use it with a washcloth.

I have congestion-prone skin, and this hasn’t clogged my pores or felt heavy on my skin. It will suit most skin types, from very dry to very oily. I love applying this on dry skin before a shower and steaming my face before rinsing it off.

Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist has a minimalist formula containing just rosemary verbenone hydrolat-infused with amethyst crystals. Called one of the “herbs of protection,” this milder variety of rosemary has strong antimicrobial and purifying properties. This makes this mist fantastic for acne-prone skin. I love the herbal scent of the mist and the cool feeling it imparts. You’ll love this if you like herbal scents (it’s vaguely reminiscent of Bottega Organica’s prawn sage mists).

Chlorophyll + Tourmaline Brightening Mask is the mask equivalent of green juice for your skin. This dark green powder mask contains a number of purifying and fortifying ingredients including French green sea clay, chlorella, matcha and spirulina. Once mixed with water or a hydrosol, unlike many other green/clay masks, it has a creamy consistency that goes on smooth and doesn’t dehydrate the skin.

Like many other products from the line, this mask is infused with crystals – tourmaline, in this case – that Lilfox claims allows the nutrients and minerals to absorb more deeply into the skin. I do notice an instant difference in the texture and brightness of my skin, whenever I use this mask.

When I first saw Prickly Pear Beauty Nectar, I thought it was pure prickly pear oil similar to La Bella Figura Beauty. It, however, is an oil blend containing a number of oils, with prickly pear oil as the first/star ingredient. The texture of this oil feels silky, and it absorbs instantly into the skin. It has a soft jasmine/sandalwood scent that lingers on for hours, and it plays well with other products from the line. It’s meant to be used only at night, and while I didn’t use it consistently enough to notice visible brightening results, my skin looked calm and well-rested the next morning whenever I used it.

The last product I want to mention is the Forest Floor Vetiver Body Nectar. Vetiver is one of my favourite scents, and this deep-orange body oil balances its grassiness with softer notes like bitter orange, pink grapefruit and vanilla. The body oil has a nice slip to it, and it moisturises well while leaving you with deliciously fragrant skin. I use it on warm, damp skin after a shower, and it leaves my skin soft and supple.

Overall, I’m very impressed with Lilfox as a brand. The products have a very unique style that feels fresh and luxurious. In addition to providing great results, these products provide a sensorial experience with their well-crafted scents and unique textures. The scents are crafted using the finest oils and extracts, and they are very long-lasting. I love this about Lilfox, but if you are not a fan of scented skincare products, then this brand may not work for you.

Lilfox products are available on their website and via the Beauty Heroes online shop.

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