Beauty Heroes October Discovery: Linné Purify Face Wash & Activate Body Wash

I was really excited to receive this month’s Beauty Heroes box featuring Purify Face Wash and Activate Body Wash from American brand Linné. Being a Beauty Heroes ambassador, I received the box almost a month before its release, and I have been using these products regularly for the last month. Effective face washes are hard to find in the green beauty world, and I wanted to see if these worked… and I’m impressed.

Purify Face Wash:

This creamy cleanser contains a wide array of actives, ranging from green clay and tea tree oil to olive leaf powder. It also contains a mild surfactant to make sure it cleanses without stripping the skin. The texture of the wash is quite unique in that it almost feels like a clay mask that lathers slightly (the accompanying instructions state that it can be left on for longer as a mask). The texture is a little lumpy and hard to squeeze out of the stiff bottle, but it feels great on the skin. It has a fresh, herbal scent, with slight seaweed/aquatic undertones (the Dead Sea salt, maybe?). It leaves a cooling sensation on the skin.

What I like about this product is that it’s quite unlike any other cleanser I have used. Some clay cleansers can feel drying on the skin, but Purify Face Wash deep cleanses without drying the skin. It will suit most skin types, ranging from dry to oily.

Activate Body Wash:

This tar-like body wash contains volcanic ash, Dead Sea salt, activated charcoal, kelp and eucalyptus to decongest and nourish the skin.

Although it is described as a body wash, it is more of a scrub than a shower gel (one that’s gentle enough for everyday use). What I love about it is that it lathers as it scrubs, making it easier to rinse off than most charcoal exfoliants. Even though it rinses clean, it has a tendency to leave an inky residue on tiles and fingernails: use it with caution if you have an all-white bathroom!

The eucalyptus scent is very strong, and while I love its decongesting properties, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I find that it clears my sinuses and helps with allergies, and I really enjoy using it.

Like Purify, this product has a lumpy consistency, and it’s hard to squeeze it out of the hard plastic bottle (as you can see from this picture, both bottles have creases from trying to squeeze product out). In my opinion, Linné needs to explore other packaging options for these products.

Final Thoughts:

I really like Linné so far, and I’m glad Beauty Heroes has introduced me to such an unusual brand. Both these products are very unisex (if anything, the scents veer towards the masculine), and I’m really interested in seeing what others think about these products. As always, this month’s box offers exceptional value ($39 for products valued at $106), and you have until the 20th of this month to subscribe. Subscribe to Beauty Heroes today!

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