Silver Magic: Julisis Silver Elexir Night and Silver Cream Night Reviews

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know that Julisis is one of my favourite brands. If I weren’t a beauty blogger and didn’t need to constantly try out new products, I’d be happy to just use Julisis for the rest of my life. All their products are impeccably made using only the finest ingredients, and they all really work. The thing I love about Julisis so much is that the products support the overall health of my skin, in the most holistic way possible. I never have any of my usual skin issues (dehydration, breakouts and uneven skin tone) when I use Julisis products on a regular basis.

The Silver Night products, two of which I will review below, are designed to support the regeneration and rejuvenation processes of the skin. As the name indicates, they all contain bio-available Liquid Silver Essence to improve the texture, tone and brightness of the skin.

Silver Elexir Night:

This serum has a cooling and refreshing texture that instantly sinks into the skin. Its scent is equally refreshing (and kind of sexy – the box claims that the silver night products activate the sexual chakras). It starts off smelling quite sharp and herbal but acquires a softer, sensual character as it settles down.

The product has a healing effect on my skin, and I find it incredibly soothing and nurturing. It plumps up my skin almost instantly, and I find that I wake up with clearer, brighter and smoother skin the next morning.

This serum is light yet hydrating enough to suit all skin types. As with all Julisis products, it custom-adapts to your skin type and can be used all-year round. I find that I rarely have any blemishes when I use this serum regularly. It keeps my skin soft, hydrated and just happy overall. Highly recommend it.

Ingredients: Aqua (Spring Water), Alcohol (Bio Grain Alcohol), Glycerine (Herbal Glycerin), Natrii Alginas (Algae), Salvia Off. (Sage), Equisetum Arvense (Field Horsetail), Alchemilla Vulgaris (Lady’s Mantle), Lamium Album (White Dead Nettle), Viola Tricolor (Wild Pansy), Sorbic Acid (Rowenberry Oil), JLSE (Julisis Liquid Silver Essence®), Argentum Citricum (Homeopath Silver), Jasminum, Grandiflorum (Florentine White Jasmin), Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla Orchid), Foeniculum Vulgare (Florentine White Fennel), JLWPE (Julisis Liquid White Pearl Essence®)

Price: US $270/UK £192

Silver Cream Night:

I was expecting this cream to be comparable to Argentum La Potion Infinie (which is also a silver-based cream), but they are nothing alike. La Potion Infinie is a light cream that I prefer for daytime use, but Silver Cream Night has a richer texture that envelops the skin in a comforting cushion of moisture, while addressing multiple signs of ageing (lines, age spots, uneven skin tone etc.).

I find that it really helps add ‘bounce’ to the skin, and I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking to soften the appearance of small lines and wrinkles. I think this would be an unnecessary extravagance if you’re under 30 (I’d just use Silver Elexir Night and call it a night), but this really amps up your routine if you are 30+ and want that extra layer of defence against common signs of ageing.

As with Silver Elexir Night, this, to me, smells incredible. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it smells like, but I definitely can smell the frankincense. It smells rare, precious and expensive. A few weeks ago, when I’d just applied it, one of my friends who was visiting asked me what fragrance I was wearing. When I told him it was my night cream, he told me it smelled like something ancient Egyptian pharaohs would anoint themselves with. I thought that was a great way to describe the scent: it does smell exotic and somewhat magical.

Silver Cream Night layers well over Silver Elexir Night, and together, they address multiple signs of ageing, while repairing and recharging the skin.

Ingredients: Aqua (Spring Water), Olea Europea (Olive Oil), Glycerine, (Herbal Glycerine), Cera Flava (Beeswax), Natrii Alginas (Algae), Alcohol (Biograin Alcohol), Calendula Officinalis (Marigold), Anthyllis Vulneraria (Kidney Vetch), Rosa Gallica (Red Rose Of Lancaster), Hypericum Perforatum (St. John’s Wort Oil), Crataegus Monogyna (Common Hawthorn), Alchemilla Vulgaris (Lady’s Mantle), Lamium Album (White Nettle), Viola Tricolor (Wild Pansy), Crocus Sativus (Saffron), Equisetum Arvense (Field Horsetail), JLSE (Julisis Liquid Silver Essence®), Pogostemon Patchouli (Patchouly) Citrus Paradisi macfad (Pink Grapefruit Extract), D Citrus Aurantium Amara (Neroli/ Bitter Orange – Flower Extract,) Boswellia Carterii (Frankincense).

Price: US $255/UK £196

Final Thoughts: I think of Julisis as the Rolls-Royce of green beauty products. They are prohibitively expensive, but they really are unparalleled in their purity and performance. Both these products list ‘bio grain alcohol’ as an ingredient, but it is just used to distil and extract the plant material and not present in the final end product.

Where to Buy: Cult Beauty

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  1. Priya
    May 30, 2018 / 6:26 am

    Hi ,
    I am 39 and still suffer with cystic acne. Would the Julisis silver elixir work with the argentum cream?( only because it is a tad less expensive than julisis)

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