Behind The Brand: Q&A with Julius Eulberg, the founder of Julisis Cosmetics

Being a skincare blogger, I often get to meet the artists/brains behind green beauty brands, and most of them are super inspiring! I only recently realised that most consumers never have the opportunity to get to know the wonderful people working behind their favourite brands, so I thought I’d start a new section called ‘Behind The Brand,’ where I interview some of my favourite people in the industry. Most of these interviews will be conducted via email, and I’ll try my best to limit editing to a minimum in order to keep the answers as authentic as possible.

Julisis is one of my all-time favourite brands; and Julius Eulberg, its founder, is one of the quirkiest and most inspiring people I know. He has spent years studying ancient texts on alchemy and herbalism, and he utilises this wisdom to create the most unique skincare products I’ve ever seen. I’ve spoken more about the brand and its philosophy in Julisis: An Introduction – so without further ado, let’s go straight to the interview.

1) Hi Julius, You’re one of the most fascinating people I know within the green beauty industry, and I’m so honoured you’re the first person I’ll be interviewing for my new ‘Green Beauty Insider’ section of my blog. Can you tell us more about yourself, where you’re based and give us some insight into your brand Julisis?

When I am not travelling to see clients all over the World, I am in LA. I created Julisis because I found that most of the products on the market, whether they be organic or natural, are not clean and efficient enough. They might smell good and feel good but you do not see a difference.

Julisis is about transforming the skin and restoring perfect balance and a healthy glow. After studying Paracelsus, we started working with the original laboratory where he worked (homeopathic pharmaceuticals). I started incorporating this alchemy into our ‘beyond organic’ line. The purity of the plant material used from our 120-year old biodynamic garden in Northern Italy enables us to create the most powerful and efficient products on the market.

2) I find Julisis so unique in that you use precious metal extracts along with the purest natural ingredients. Can you tell me how precious metals are beneficial for the skin and how your extraction process differs from colloidal products? 

Our alchemy gold and silver (jlge© and jlse©) are pure vibrational frequency, which helps to re-rhythm not only your skin, but your entire body. In a 13-month secret alchemistical process, we “distil” from 999 gold and silver. Colloidal gold and silver are rough molecular substances that can accumulate in the skin tissue. Our liquid gold in the day care products helps activate and strengthen the heart chakra and fortifies the natural ph balance of skin. The silver in the night formulas helps to detox, firm and regenerate, while totally supporting one’s own natural biorhythm.  

3) What is your creative process? Do you have a clear idea in mind when you set out to create a new product, or do you have an organic approach where you have a play with various ingredients to see where it takes you?

My creative process has two different starting points. In my one-on-one consultations with clients, at the end I always ask if there is a product the client wishes we would have, or what he or she is missing. Or, it just comes to me and through me, through the process of yoga and meditation. I am constantly travelling the World seeking new natural plant-based ingredients that have soothing and beneficial effects on the skin. I am also constantly studying health, wellness, alchemistic, and spiritual texts to keep learning and growing as a creator. That’s why I’m often referred to as ‘the German beauty guru.’

4) What, in your opinion, are some of the things people should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to skincare? What are your favourite and least favourite ingredients?

I believe people should not constantly be changing between skin care products – that can actually damage the skin’s vital system. I believe one must be consistent with a skincare regime. Julisis is beyond organic. Some products that are ‘certified organic’ are only 97% organic with chemical additives. I believe in creating products that are 100% organic from the alchemistic source. The skin responds beautifully and there will be no allergic reactions. I will highly recommend avoiding all glycols (pentylene, propylene, etc.), mineral oil-based ingredients like paraffins, silicones, microcrystalline waxes and any acids.

A lot of packaging is tricky and my rule is if you don’t know what is in there or you cannot pronounce – don’t use it. Think: FOOD. If you don’t know what it is, you wouldn’t eat it.  I love jojoba oil, rosehip oil, rosemary essential oil, neroli, among many others. I ensure that all of our ingredients are ‘farm to table.’ This ensures the highest potency and purity! Refrain from invasive procedures, microdermabrasion, acid and laser treatments. The more your protective layers and shields are taken down, the more sensitive, dehydrated and irritated your skin can become. Also, hyper-pigmentation issues are often the result of these invasive procedures. Avoid harsh chemical peels. Julisis is gentle and highly effective.  We have great results with the most demanding skin – may it be dermatitis, psoriasis or any other skin dis-ease. Julius accelerates the healing process.

5) What inspires you?

The daily discipline of meditation and kundalini yoga helps me relax and align. Nature in general, especially my weekly beach walk helps to deeply rejuvenate my entire system! I am happy, inspired, and most content when I see the improvement of my client’s skin.

6) You have a very colourful personality. What are some of your interests outside of Julisis? 

Beauty in all its facets is my elixir… have been collecting vintage jewellery for over 10 years, and I just launched a small line of sacred jewellery, using the highly-protective ‘Hamsa’ sign in 18k with rose cut diamonds. I love expressive modern art but also Dutch paintings from the 17th century.

7) Apart from Julisis, what are some of the brands that you admire?

I love trying other products, but I am always happy to go back to my own. I am addicted to quality. I love Hermès, Giorgio Armani, and Loro Piana. I am a big fan of bespoke shoes, like George Cleverley and Yohei Fukuda.

8) What message do you have for my readers?

If you have a skin issues, you have to utilise a system in order to achieve a result: at Julisis we have a strong synergy among the products. Mixing products left and right does not lead to success. I observe this especially with a lot of my American clients, who tend to use ten different products from ten different brands. My Asian clients, in contrast, are very disciplined and have mostly amazing skin. I believe everyone deserves great, healthy skin.

Last but not least: a proper cleansing is most essential to healthy skin. Cream-, Milk- and oil-cleansers were sufficient at the turn of the century but with today’s micro-pollutants you have to clean with water and foam. One of our most successful products are the Gold Neroli Wash Day and Silver Cistus Wash Night. They clean skin properly, removing makeup and micro particles, without drying your skin. A German pumpkin breed delivers this extraordinary sugar tenside. It is extremely mild and thorough.

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