Sun Potion Reviews and Recipe: He Shou Wu, Reishi, Tocos and Anandamide

Surprisingly for a skincare blogger, the brand I’m currently most obsessed with is a wellness brand. Sun Potion, the brand I’m referring to, embodies the LA hippie luxe aesthetic better than any other brand that I’ve seen. From the purple glass packaging to matte gold labelling, they take wellness to a whole new level of luxury. I’ve been obsessed with them since I got my hands on a few of their products about a month and a half ago (I bought Tocos and Anandamide from iHerb; and Samantha Sargent of Be Naturally You, who recently started stocking the brand, kindly sent me the other two), and I use them all regularly. Unlike most other herbal powders that I’ve tried, these products taste amazing, and I really enjoy the ritual of creating my own custom elixirs every night by mixing my favourite powders together.

He Shou Wu: A beauty and rejuvenation food, it helps promote stronger hair and nails. In addition to its beauty benefits, it nourishes the nervous system and sexual centre. I didn’t think I’d like the taste of this product, but it tastes fantastic (almost like malted milk/Horlicks, when mixed with warm nut milk). I have been having this (along with Reishi and Tocos) every day for the last month and a half, and I’m already seeing a difference in the strength of my hair and nails. Highly recommend.

Reishi: Called the ‘mushroom of immortality,’ Reishi supports immune function, mental clarity, stress relief and longevity. It has been proven to have cancer-preventing qualities, and it’s one of the most recommended adaptogens among herbal practitioners. This very finely-ground powder has a mild mushroom flavour. I find that it complements the flavour of coffee well and gives it a more rounded flavour (it also tastes amazing in soups). If caffeine gives you jittery side-effects, this could help take the edge off. Love it.

Tocos: This pale yellow powder tastes like vanilla ice cream or milk powder, and is a great substitute for creamer. Made from mechanically isolated fat and water soluble portions of organic brown rice bran, tocos promotes healthy skin and connective tissues. I add it to all my elixirs and it imparts a certain creaminess to it. I’ll definitely repurchase the big bag when I run out of it.

Anandamide: Unlike all the products above, which only contain one ingredient, Anandamide is an adaptogen blend containing raw heirloom cacao and tonic herbs. It’s meant to inspire a sense of ‘ananda’ or bliss, and I really did feel a boost in energy when I first tried this. To me, it tastes like spicy, peppery (black pepper is one of the ingredients) hot chocolate, especially when mixed with warm nut milk. It tastes fine, but I find it a little too spicy or ‘muddled’ for my liking. I won’t repurchase this, and will stick to the ones with single ingredients.

My Sun Potion Beauty Elixir Recipe:


Sun Potion He Shou Wu – ½ teaspoon

Sun Potion Reishi – ½ teaspoon

Sun Potion Tocos – 1 teaspoon

Mylk (I use almond or hemp milk) – 1 cup

Raw honey – ½ teaspoon


  • Warm mylk on the stove. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot.
  • Blend all the ingredients (including warm mylk) in a powerful blender for a minute or two.
  • Enjoy your tasty beauty and wellness drink.

Note: This recipe was inspired by CAP Beauty’s Vitamin E Latte.

Final Thoughts: I absolutely love Sun Potion, and I can’t wait to try more of their products. Generic versions of a lot of their offerings are available online, but they often don’t have the same level of quality/purity (I learnt this the hard way after I bought a cheaper, generic version of pine pollen, and it was hard to mix and tasted a bit odd). Sun Potion products are sourced with care, and this is reflected in the final product (better tasting and easier to blend – and possibly, better for you). The fact that their jars look so amazing on my kitchen counter is just an added bonus!

Where to Buy: Be Naturally You (Australia), CAP Beauty (US).

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  1. wendy
    January 11, 2018 / 2:33 pm

    Just made this and am sipping on it now… Love it ॐ
    Thank you for the recipe Arjun,


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