Boxwalla ‘The Wandering Woman’s English Spring’ Box Review: Amly Silver Rich Face Mist and Twelve Beauty Ideal Moisture Level Serum Reviews

I knew I’d love Boxwalla’s latest beauty box even before I tried it, and I’m pleased to report that I love it even more than I thought I would. Called ‘The Wandering Woman’s English Spring,’ the box contains two deeply hydrating, ultra-light products from Amly Botanicals and Twelve Beauty (perfect picks for spring, if you live  in the Northern Hemisphere). Without further ado, here are my impressions of the two products featured in this box.

Amly Silver Rich Face Mist: Amly uses silver-rich ‘healing waters’ from a spring in East Sussex, England, and infuses it with the most powerful ingredients I’ve ever seen used in a mist. It contains essences of jasmine, rose, neroli, linden blossom and frankincense, a combination that makes it one of the most exquisitely scented mists on the market. I don’t know if it’s because I know it contains ingredients from the English countryside, but the scent really does conjure up the image of an English garden.  The scent is really potent, and, very unusually for a face mist, lingers on for a long time after application. In addition to an impressive list of natural extracts and oils, it contains hyaluronic acid, copper peptides and probiotics to revitalise and plump up the skin.  This mist retails at £42 for 100ml, which might seem expensive for a mist, but Amly’s skin-transforming cocktail of ingredients make it totally worth it. Highly recommend. I will definitely repurchase it when I run out. The brand has released a new version of the mist called Digital Detox, and I’m keen to see how it compares to the original. Have any of you tried it?

Twelve Ideal Moisture Level Serum: This ultra-light serum is a skin-conditioning, deeply hydrating fluid containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin and panthenol, along with botanical extracts with powerful antioxidant benefits. To me, the texture of this product feels more like an Asian essence than a serum, and it floods skin with intense hydration that keeps it soft and supple. It doesn’t pill under oils, and it is a fantastic way to keep your skin hydrated all-year round. It doesn’t leave a film behind or cause breakouts, and it would suit most skin types, ranging from very dry to very oily. It has a mild herbal smell that I quite enjoy. I don’t know if I’ll repurchase this because I own other serums/essences that perform just as well (a cheaper alternative to this would be Hydrate from Jordan Samuel Skin). Great product overall!

Final Thoughts: This is my favourite box from Boxwalla so far. This box has introduced me to two brands I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I love the fact that they didn’t include a makeup product in this box (unlike the last couple of boxes). Also, the smaller box with less packaging waste gets a big tick from me. The only criticism I have is that the April/May box was sent out only towards the end of April, which frustrated many of my friends. They had an issue with the delivery of boxes which caused a delay the previous month, and I really hope it doesn’t happen again. I love Boxwalla’s unique (intelligent, well-researched and slightly whimsical) approach to beauty curations, and I’m always keen to see what they come up with next.

This box is sold out, but you can subscribe here to their upcoming Jungle Beauty Box here.

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  1. Hugo
    March 27, 2018 / 2:35 pm

    Did you like the Amly Silver Rich Mist? I’m debating whether I should buy this one or May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden. I’ve heard that both are good for acne-prone skin. Which do you recommend?

    • askarjun
      April 3, 2018 / 10:51 pm

      They are both great options. I prefer the Amly. I don’t think they’ll control acne on their own, but they won’t make the situation worse.

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