A Magic Potion and A noncomedogenic oil: Argentum Apothecary La Potion Infinie Face Cream and L’Etoile Infinie Face Oil Reviews.

I received both La Potion Infinie and L’Etoile Infinie*  from Argentum Apothecary about three months ago. My skin looked so impossibly clear, well rested, firm and plump after my very first use of La Potion Infinie Face Cream (UK£147/A$277 for 70ml) that I just wanted to write a review straightaway and proclaim my love for it. I resisted that impulse, and I’m glad I did. There have been products in the past (Kypris Elixir III being one) that I loved at the start, wrote a rave review, and then realised that it didn’t work for me in the long term. After using La Potion Infinie Face Cream almost everyday for the last three months, I’m glad to report that my love for La Potion Infinie is as strong now as it was on Day 1. In fact, I’d go to the extent of saying that it has become one of my top 5 skincare products of all time.

So what makes it so great? It just works! It addresses all skin concerns I can think of in one product. It deeply hydrates, blurs lines and instantly lifts my skin.This lifting effect makes it a great eye and neck cream, as well. In addition to addressing signs of ageing, it prevents breakouts like nothing else I’ve used on my skin. This is THE product that kept my skin spot-free during my recent trip to India. I think it may be the heat and humidity, but my skin always breaks out and misbehaves when I’m in India. This kept my skin blemish-free throughout. Also, it prevented my skin from looking grey and lifeless on the plane.

I know all this sounds like magic, almost too good to be true. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how it does all it does. The ingredient list is great, but I wouldn’t have guessed it would work so well just based on the ingredient list. The key ingredients of La Potion Infinie are colloidal silver** and DNA HP, but the final product seems to be greater than the sum of its parts. All of Argentum Apothecary’s marketing – the tarot cards, especially – suggest magic and mystery. Maybe, it is, as its name indicates, a magic potion after all?

Compared to La Potion Infinie’s miraculous superpowers, L’Etoile Infinie Face Oil feels simple and uncomplicated. A super light oil to enhance the application La Potion Infinie, L’Etoile is a very pared-down formula containing just 4 ingredients: argan oil, abyssinian seed oil, kukui oil and tocopherol (Vitamin E). After the application of La Potion Infinie, you’re meant to warm just a drop of the L’Etoile in the palm of your hand and press it on to your face. Alternatively, you can add a drop of it to La Potion Infinie to enhance its moisturising qualities.

Initially, I’d found the clear, odourless, noncomedogenic oil too simple for my tastes, but I’ve grown to like it. Most of my other face oils are heavily fragranced with essential oils (the ones that are essential oil-free often smell funky), and while I love them, I sometimes want something that’s neutral-smelling and won’t clash with the rest of my routine (La Potion Infinie, in contrast, smells exactly like their body lotion, which I’d described in my review as having ‘a mysterious, intoxicating, almost otherworldly scent’). At A$157/ UK£147, it is expensive for what it is, but it’s a high quality, noncomedogenic oil that has been expertly blended in the right concentrations to suit all skin types.

To buy and/or view full list of ingredients, visit: Mecca Cosmetica (Australia); Cult Beauty (International)

*This products were sent to me by Argentum Apothecary via their Australian partner, Mecca Cosmetica. As always, all views expressed are categorically my own. Brands that send press samples for review are not given any assurances of a positive review.

** There is conflicting information on whether or not colloidal silver is safe for human consumption. The United States National Institutes of Health website states that ‘silver has no known function or benefits in the body when taken by mouth’ and ingestion of colloidal silver could be dangerous. However, it states that ‘topical silver (used on the skin) has some appropriate medical uses, such as in bandages and dressings to treat burns, skin wounds, or skin infections.’ Please click here for more information on this.

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