Tabitha James Kraan ReviewThe February 2019 Beauty Heroes Discovery features a complete haircare set from Tabitha James Kraan, featuring full sizes of the Clean Shampoo and Conditioner, along with the Scented Organic Hair Oil, for around $40. Regular readers would know that TJK was one of the first haircare brands I reviewed on this blog, but these new products take things to the next level. The black packaging looks amazing, and the texture of the products feel elegant and luxe.

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best of 2019 green beautyI called 2018 the year of the hydrating serum, and although hydrating serums have continued to gain popularity in the green beauty world in 2018, my favourite category of 2018 was ‘essence.’ Essences have existed in the green beauty world since the start, but this year saw brands take them to a whole new level. For the uninitiated, essences are almost like a cross between a toner and a hydrating serum. I like to use them after cleansing and before serums, oils, balms and moisturisers, and they infuse a suppleness to the skin that mists and toners don’t. My top three essences this year were African Botanics Infusion Micro-Liquid Serum, Agent Nateur holi(Water) Pearl and Rose Hyaluronic Toner and In Fiore Made In Japan Transparence  Botanical Water Concentre. Although none of them are actually marketed as essences, they work like essences from Asian brands that drench the skin with moisture, without any heaviness or tackiness.

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I discovered Osea a few months ago in a Beauty Heroes box. I’d seen the brand around, but I’d never actually tried their products until I received the box. I was blown away by the quality of the products featured in the box, and when Osea contacted me asking if I was interested in trying a few more of their products, I gladly accepted their offer. To give you a bit of background, Osea is a clean brand that was launched 20 years ago, with the aim of creating vegan, plant-based products using bio-available seaweed as the core ingredient. I’ve seen some bloggers compare Osea to La Mer, but in all honesty, Osea products, despite being much cheaper, are much more effective and luxurious than anything La Mer has on offer (how can anything with petrolatum as the first ingredient ever be considered luxurious?). Below are short reviews of the products I’ve tried from Osea so far: View Post

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that Moss is one of my favourite skincare brands. What I love about the brand is that it has a radically original approach to ‘clean’ or ‘green’ beauty. Since she started the brand, Moss founder Celestyna Higgins, has always pushed the boundaries by experimenting with new ingredients and unexpected textures. She is truly passionate about what she does, and as I mentioned in a previous post, she is a perfectionis who is always tweaking her formulas to make them better than they already are. This can be frustrating when you love a certain version of a product, but I admire Celestyna’s quest for perfection. Another thing I love about about Moss is that all the products are designed especially for acne-prone skin. While I rarely get breakouts anymore, my skin is inherently breakout-prone, and I love that all her products suit my skin type.

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Fragrances often contain more questionable chemicals than skincare, so I gave up synthetic fragrances around the same time I made the switch to green beauty. Prior to that, I was a perfume junkie with a sizeable collection of weird and wonderful niche perfumes (I used to love brands like Frederic Malle and Comme des Garcons). I’ve been on the hunt for complex, interesting and long-lasting fragrances ever since, and this post will focus on some of my favourites so far.

Strange Invisible Perfumes:

One of the most respected names in green perfumery, Strange Invisible Perfumes create fragrances that are as sophisticated as their mainstream cousins. Created by Alexandra Balahoutis, these complex fragrances are handmade in Venice, California, and packaged in exquisitely-crafted weighty bottles. I’ve tested three or four of their fragrances, and my favourites so far are Aquarian Rose and Magazine Street. 

Aquarian Rose is an airy, aquatic rose scent. The rose has good staying power, but it has a breezy quality that stops it from smelling like something your grand-aunt would wear. The aquatic quality of the scent comes from the unexpected addition of aniseed-y marjoram. I’m usually not a fan of liquorice/aniseed notes, but it is cleverly used to give the composition a warm yet refreshing herbal kick. Sandalwood gives it heft and staying power. This has been my signature scent for the last two years, and I love it. Despite being rose-heavy, the scent is very unisex. It is worth a try, even if you don’t particularly care for rose fragrances. 

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