I was introduced to Earthwise Beauty through Boxwalla. I’d been impressed by the uniqueness of their products, and I loved its founder Ava Zhan’s fresh take on green beauty. After my Boxwalla review, Ava kindly sent me more of her products to try. She sent products that specifically suited my skin type, and after trying them, I can confidently say that Earthwise Beauty is currently one of my favourite skincare brands. Without further ado, let’s get right into the (mini) reviews. View Post

I think many of you already know that African Botanics is one of my favourite skincare brands. I love the way they combine rare botanical extracts with the latest in biotechnology to create truly unique (and effective) products. They have been busy creating new products, and here are my thoughts on three of their newest creations.

Rose Treatment Essence: This is easily my favourite product of the trio. According to their press release, ‘the powerful combination of bioactive medicinal plants, botanical emollients, peptides, humectants, B vitamins, oligosaccharides, yeast beta-glucan and collagen boosters deliver vitality and nutrients deep into the skin.’ The concentrated formula is designed to tighten pores and restore moisture levels while brightening, refining, hydrating and rebalancing skin’s pH levels. View Post

One of the first truly natural luxury skincare brands from Australia, Sodashi is a firm blogger favourite. I’d heard great things about the line from a number of my friends and colleagues, but I never quite got around to trying it until a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a natural shave product, and I stumbled upon Sodashi’s Clean Skin Cleanser and Shaving Emulsion (my favourite is Omorovicza, but for some reason, they don’t sell the shaving cream in Australia and I couldn’t be bothered to order it online from the UK). I ended up buying Sodashi’s Fitness Recovery Oil, as well, and received three deluxe samples (of their Balancing Clay Cleanser with Lime, Nourishing Repair Treatment, and Rejuvenating Face and Neck Moisturiser) with my order. I’ve only used these products for around two weeks, so this is more of a ‘first impressions’ post than a full-blown review. Here are my thoughts:

  • Balancing Clay Cleanser with Lime (A$80.70): This cleanser is amazing, and I wish I’d purchased a full-sized bottle of this cleanser instead of the shaving emulsion. Its texture is really unique in that it’s a cream clay cleanser that doesn’t feel gritty or stripping. I like massaging it on damp skin and taking it off with a hot muslin cloth. It leaves my skin soft and glowing. It smells very spa-like (the lime scent is very mild), and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of their bestsellers. Highly recommend.

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Metta is a natural skincare company based in Melbourne, Australia (they are, in fact, made next door to my work). The line is named after an ancient style of meditation that encourages loving kindness with yourself and the world around you.

The Metta website quotes an ancient Pali verse as their inspiration:

By wishing strong happiness for others, “one sleeps easily, wakes easily and dreams no evil dreams. One’s mind gains concentration quickly. One’s complexion is bright.” View Post


I’ve been trying to simplify my skincare routine. After being sucked into the world of natural Korean skincare (thanks Glow Recipe!) and noticing how my skincare regimen was spiraling out of control, I’ve been trying to cut down on the number of products I use. It is lovely to have a satisfying regimen that includes 10-12 steps and a number of products with varying levels of viscosity, but did I really need it? Maybe not! So I’ve been on the search for some multi-tasking natural products. And that’s when I discovered Kypris.

Kypris is an American brand founded by the lovely Chase Polan. I’ve been watching her on YouTube and she’s a great advocate for her brand. Her ingredients seem exceptionally high quality and I like that she has got potent naturally-derived ingredients like Vitamin C ester, Retinol and Coenzyme Q10 in her products (in addition to organic oils and extracts). View Post