Lately, I’ve been feeling a little disoriented. I don’t really know why, but I just feel like everything around me is in a state of flux. I started a new role at work a couple of months ago, and the challenges associated with that, combined with changes in my living arrangements and friendship circles have left me feeling a little confused. Everything is new again. I am developing new connections, and while that’s great, I do miss the comfort of the familiar. View Post

Malaya Organics founder Katya Slepak created her Brooklyn-based line after suffering from horrendous cystic acne. This story resonated with me because I became interested in green skincare after suffering from really bad acne. Malaya products are designed to ‘balance and restore the skin, the same way food restores bodies.’ They are designed to nourish skin and hair with the most vital nutrients, to restore balance and boost radiance.

I’ve been using the line for over two months, and here’s what I think:

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I was lucky to receive the February Beauty Heroes box way back in January, and I have been bursting to tell everyone how amazing it is. A couple of days before I received the box, I had a long Skype chat with Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie Jarnot. It was inspiring to hear her talk about her beauty journey and how she founded the company at a time when the concept of green beauty subscription boxes didn’t exist. Towards the end of the conversation, when she told me that the February box was going to be sleep-themed, she asked me if I had a regular sleep routine. I don’t. Having a regular sleep routine is one of those things I struggle with. When I hesitantly told her I didn’t, she said that she hoped the Osmia Night Body Oil would help me create a nighttime ritual. View Post