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Sponsorships: I do not offer product placement posts or sponsored content.

PR Samples: I do sometimes get offered PR samples for review, however, this does not have any bearing on the unbiased nature of my reviews. All products are subject to the same level of scrutiny.

Affiliate Links: I sometimes (not often) use affiliate/advertiser links . My affiliates/advertisers are usually premium multi-brand stores like Cult Beauty and Mr. Porter, and not individual brands. This means that I’m not obligated to any specific brands and my product reviews are 100% unbiased. If you are happy to support the blog by using these links for your purchases, thank you very much. If you prefer not to, that’s cool, as well! Do feel free to search for the product on Google instead.

Reviews: This is a personal blog, and my product reviews are entirely based on my experience with skincare products. What that means is that your experience may or may not be similar to mine.